The Business Manager's Guide To System Architecture

You probably ran into the current buzzwords for system architecture: monolith, microservices and serverless. Severless is the new kid on the block, so probably less familiar than the other two....

Finding an itch that's worth scratching

Many people fail at building a successful app because they start with the solution in mind. Instead you should focus on solving a problem. Below you’ll find a few ways...

Writing your first Firebase Function unit test

💡 Prerequisites Firebase Project. Not covered in this tutorial, but for deploying functions the Firebase projects needs to be on the Blaze Plan

What product owners can learn from chess players

“What the human being is best at doing is interpreting all new information so that their prior conclusions remain intact.” — Warren Buffett

The business owners guide to building software products

Business people and engineers alike make the same mistake when building digital products: they focus on the product. Successful product owners on the other hand focus on the customer.